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Brazil, Argentina To Replay World Cup Qualifier

Recently, FIFA gave suspensions and fines on Monday while commanding Brazil and Argentina to repeat their World Cup qualifier match last year after it was abandoned because of the Brazil health officials disrupting the game to accuse some Argentine players of falsification of their quarantine status.

Quarantine violations

Last year, four of Argentina’s Premier League players were accused of not disclosing their true Covid-19 quarantine status before entering Brazil for the game in September. The Brazilian health officials rushed to the field in the middle of the game while stating that the four players have been red-listed in the U.K. in the past 14 days, this leads to the game being abandoned after seven minutes of chaos.

According to the disciplinary ruling of the world football ruling body, Argentine players Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Emiliano Buendia, and Giovani Lo Celso have violated the FIFA Return to Football International Match Protocol and now they are banned for two matches in the FIFA fixtures.

Disciplinary actions

FIFA instructed the Brazilian Football Association to compensate a fine of 550,000 Swiss francs (equivalent to US $600,000) due to their violation of protocols related to security and order, and for abandoning the game. 

Meanwhile, the Argentinian Football Association was fined by FIFA with 250,000 Swiss francs (equivalent to US $270,000) for their failure to follow with their responsibilities related to security and order, proper preparation of their players before the match, and for abandoning the game as well. 

The head of AFA Chiqui Tapia posted a tweet stating that Argentina is planning to send an appeal against the disciplinary ruling of FIFA.

As of now, FIFA never mentioned yet the exact date and venue of the rematch but it will surely blow the sports betting world. 

Both Argentina and Brazil have already secured their place for qualification at the World Cup finals in Qatar in November. The announcement was dropped ahead of the end of qualifying rounds for CONMEBOL in March, when both teams have another two matches to play.

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They waited during the match to tell

Some people suggested that the Brazil-Argentina rematch could possibly be held with homegrown players, instead of including those who play for European clubs, so that the disruption of the international game schedule could be avoided.

Last September, the original game had a score of 0-0 when it was abandoned. There were even discussions over why the Brazilian health officials from Anvisa waited until the game started before they told the organisers about the four players.

The Argentinian team arrived in Brazil two days after they defeated Venezuela. The investigations are focused on the allegations of the health officials to the four players who they said did not reveal to the immigration officers that they have been in Britain within the last two weeks which at that time was on the red-list of Brazil for coronavirus risk. 

The health officials said that they informed the Argentinian Football Association that the players must undergo a quarantine of 10 days in a hotel before they could join the team. Instead, they did not fill their quarantine forms and headed to training. 

There have been investigations about why the four players were allowed to play and why the officials waited until the game to intervene. 


The game intervention even sparked more fuel to the long rivalry between Brazil and Argentina football teams. A lot of sports analysts are still examining how the rematch between the two national teams could affect their qualification now that both secured their place in the finals at Qatar. 

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee said that the resignation of both teams from the match comes from some of the failures of both teams to meet their responsibilities. 

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